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Posted on 28 June 2017

The gym can be a dreary and mundane place at the best of times, repetitive and often feeling like a bit of a chore. And so, Stand4 Socks have tried to give you another reason to motivate yourself and get you up and out exercising, with the creation of our ‘Sports Socks’ range.
The range, true to Stand4 Sock’s form, offers nine different vibrant styles to choose from, with each sock having an all-important ribbed sole that massages the base of your foot while you work, helping blood circulation.

 Stand4 Gender Equality

Women's Ankle Gender Equality Sport SockMen's Ankle Gender Equality Sport Sock

https://www.stand4socks.com/collections/sports - Find the Sports Sock range here!
We also offer a unique and thought-provoking design for gender equality within our ‘Sports Socks’ range that attempts to break down gender stereotypes. Using a 50/50 colour split of blue and pink on both the male and female sock design – gender stereotyping by colour is lost and Stand4 Socks is actively making steps towards achieving the United Nations’ goal number 5 - gender equality. Who would have thought that a sports sock could mean so much?
However, the best thing about our ‘Sports Sock’ range, is the fact that you will feel another benefit from the gym and this time it wont just be for yourself. Vaccinate three children against measles in Bangladesh, provide one-year safe water in a developing country, just by being active, a daily and often insignificant part of your day that is now made significant on a global level and that is recognised by United Nations and their sustainable development goals.  

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