A few weeks ago we got a tweet out of the blue from Shane Heiman, a second grade teacher at New York Elementary. We were pretty taken back to hear that he was inspired at we were doing and wanted to build on it with his own class!

Shane set his class a short passage to copy out which is shown below. Getting the kids to think of their own social cause for a sock, and explain why they thought it was important to them.

Its amazing to see what social issues matter to 2nd grade kids. The causes ranged from the homeless to the environment, to trees, dogs, vets and even bacon and eggs! Shane did a great job with getting the kids to explain their reason behind the cause. All the designs and explanations below, certainly some competition on our currant range of designs!

"If I could create a sock design for a special cause, it would be that you should never be a baddie. Be yourself don’t be mean to others because you won’t get a lot of friends so be kind. The Design would include a button if you press it a not will come out and and tell you how to respect others. There would be stars and smiley faces and books, roses. Because the smiley faces means be happy and starts means that everybody shines the flowers means that everyone has a heart"

Ruby, aged 7 1/2

Two of our favourites from the kids at New York Elementary!

This project was really touching to see and we thank Shane and the kids at New York Elementary for their designs. We love collaborating, and people joining our movement, and this was certainly an expected one! Such a creative, socially conscious and inspiring lesson for the kids, wish I had more teachers like Shane when I was at school.  

Which sock is your favourite?