The days of boring black socks are over. Colourful socks are in vogue, and they say a great deal about you. Forget dying your hair crazy colours or buying expensive jewellery – it’s time to transform your wardrobe and show off your personality with eccentric, colourful and patterned socks.

But what do they actually say about your personality? Surprisingly, they say an awful lot…

1) You’re rebellious and gutsy

History shows us that patterns and bright colours are a sign of strength, wisdom and rebellion – just look at the extravagant tartans that have been used for centuries by Scottish clans and families. The British Crown even made it illegal to wear tartan after the Scots were defeated in the Battle of Culloden, making tartan a historically rebellious pattern, and an amazing style for socks. James Sinclair from Trade Finance Global says: "Vibrant socks at a formal meeting are always a great conversation starter and makes you memorable - which can often lead to great things!"

2. You’re successful

Wacky, colourful socks don’t just have to be about rebellion. Whether you’re a man or woman, colourful, stylish socks can transform your style and even show off success. According to Vicki Elmer at Quartz, colourful socks in the boardroom suggest a big wallet. Not only that, but choosing to express yourself through your socks gets you known as the person that’s happy to take risks, to be gutsy, and to do things their own way. This will get you ahead in business, and it’ll make you feel far more confident. Not bad for something you put on your feet!

3. You’re approachable

Colourful socks also make you a million times more approachable. Who would you rather strike up conversation with - the suited guy with a straight face and boring black socks, or the confident, lively character with colourful socks peeking under their hems?

Put on a pair of colourful socks and you become instantly more friendly and approachable, making them ideal for work and play alike.

4. You care

Okay, so you’re obviously confident, you’re hard working and you’re gutsy, but do you care? Stand4 Socks is an amazing new venture that’s aiming to make colourful socks a sign of compassion and caring, allowing you to help a charitable cause of your choice by simply buying a wacky, colourful pair of socks.

Stand4 Socks helps you stay fashionable and stylish, and at the same time is revolutionizing how charity works. With every pair of socks purchased, you can help a charitable cause. Each sock has a unique style, making your wardrobe more fashionable, and ethical, than ever before. So whether you're looking to save the environment, the children, or indeed the world, there's something for you!


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