Everybody has that one item, whether it be a cuddly toy, a special pen or your favourite pair of underwear that they swear bring them luck every time they have it with them. 

Dion Dublin has proudly declared his choice of lucky item for the 2020 UEFA Euros in the form of a pair of socks.

Dion displayed his footwear on the BBC to reveal Gareth Southgate’s face emerging from his shoes! 


Lucky Socks Ring True

Tweeting “I hope they’re lucky”, Dublin showed off his new socks along with his expansive TV set-up to watch the England- Croatia match. And they proved themselves to work, with a triumphant 1-0 win. 

It's Coming Home

Following the win, Dion showed off the socks in more detail, and thanked them for their lucky charm, exclaiming that “the socks worked” and showed an extra detail not seen before: the slogan ‘FOOTBALL’S COMING HOMEEE’ on the sole of the pair.

We can only hope Dion carries on wearing the novelty pair and our luck continues, bringing more wins and joy to pub gardens and sofas across England. 

Have you got your lucky item ready for the Euro’s 2020? If not it may be time to join Dion and get yourself a pair of these incredibly lucky socks.


Southgate or Kane?

Available on Stand4Socks.com, you can have a choice of Gareth Southgate, and match Dion, or switch it up and opt for Harry Kane’s face adorning your ankles. 


Socks With a Purpose

An added bonus to the purchase, comes with the fact that for every pair of socks we sell at Stand4, we donate a thick, antibacterial pair to someone experiencing homelessness. So not only can you have cosy and lucky feet, but you can also help someone else’s feet stay warm and healthy when it is most important. 


As Gabby Logan declared when seeing Dublin’s socks, “This Championship, it’s all about the socks!” So grab yourself a pair in time for the next match and thank your lucky socks when football comes home!


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