No more chats around the water cooler or waiting for the photocopier, with more people working from home the workplace culture has taken a whole new form. Dogs interrupting zoom calls and saying “I think you’re on mute” have become staples of the workplace. It is important to change the way you engage with your staff in order to adapt the company culture to these modern times.


Organise regular activities

It is important to maintain non-work based interactions with your coworkers. This could be in the form of a virtual yoga session or having lunch together over zoom. These more casual interactions will help with sharing ideas in a more informal setting and help to reduce stress.


Promote health and wellness

Keeping a healthy mind and body when working from home is important as it can often be difficult to stay motivated when not at the workplace. A virtual yoga session at a set time each week could be an option. Alternatively, organising some friendly competition within the workplace to see who can log the most steps using an app means that people will have a greater incentive to do some physical activity at a time when it might be difficult to.


Socks as a gift

When working from home a hoodie is the new shirt and socks become the new shoes. Why not give your staff some socks that they can be proud to wear. Here at Stand4 Socks we will help you design a pair of socks that not only show off your brand but look great. As well as this, for each pair we sell, we donate one pair to homeless shelters across the UK. Your coworkers can look great in a fresh pair of socks whilst also doing a little good in the world.


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