Your socks take all the pressure and friction of your day with you, whether that includes running, jumping or just walking, your socks go through a lot. 

To look after your socks in the same way they look after your feet, you have to take care of them.

Follow these 5 tips to make your favourite pair last that bit longer and keep your toes happy!


Wash on cold

Washing on a high heat can be one of the biggest causes for ruining your socks, damaging and shrinking them so they wont fit your toes properly anymore. 

To stop this happening, make sure to wash your socks on a 30°C cycle, no hotter.


Always air dry 

The heat as well as violent motions created by a tumble dryer are not kind to your socks. 

To avoid the damage that this can create, make sure to hang your socks up to dry. Not only will this allow your socks to get a lovely fresh scent if hung outside, but it will also help to preserve your socks, keeping them in your drawer for longer.


Fold your socks the right way

To keep your socks in their pairs you may be guilty of rolling them up together in a ball. 

Although this may be convenient, it stretches out the elastic in your socks and can cause them to become misshapen over time and you will lose the perfect fit you get on the first wear. 

So make sure you fold your socks together instead so they keep their perfect shape.


Keep your nails trimmed

Wear is inevitable in your socks, but something that can make holes appear much faster is sharp and unruly toenails. 

Although this may not be a consideration in your grooming routine, keeping your nails long is a huge detriment to your precious socks. 

So keep your toes warm for longer and keep your nails trimmed


Don’t iron your socks

As mentioned, heat is one of your socks biggest enemies. So don’t even think about putting them anywhere near your iron.

Any creases in your socks will likely come loose after a short time of wearing as they are stretched around your feet, so the iron really isn't necessary. 



Keep your favourite pair of socks soft, in shape and intact for that bit longer and show off your new found sock knowledge with a pair of Stand4 Socks.


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