Do not always start a conversation by talking about the weather or how busy you are...

Do you know the situation when you want to strike up a conversation and you have no idea how to out of the blue? Probably you find many tips regarding this on the internet, in magazines or tv shows. There are tips listed like say something about the weather, ask what time it is or that the person looks. Maybe you could start a conversation with these sentences… but after a few seconds there isn’t anything interesting to say anymore about these topics...and you both feel awkward...


An STAND4 example OF how to start a conversation out of the blue with a stranger

Our team think that it could be also very easy to start and hold a conversation… with the help of Socks, Yes, you heard right - socks! We show you a simple example how to do it:

Person A: Hey, you are wearing really cool socks. Where did you buy them?

Person B: Hey, I bought them on the internet.. Why do you ask?

Person A: I know it is not that common to ask a stranger about her socks out of the blue… But I like colourful socks and I think they represent your character. And according to your socks, you are clealy a very interesting person!

Person B: Ah ok, maybe it’s a little bit weird, but also funny. I love colourful socks, I am a huge fan of them because they also jazz up your outfit.

Person A: Yeah, that’s right. That’s the reason why I always wear them, too. (Show their socks)

Person B: Cool, but what is this emble on your ankle mean...?

Person A: I bought my socks at Stand4 Socks . These socks are ethically made and linked to the UN Global Goals , rasining awareness of important causes through the power of socks. But not just that, they also are providing education for a child or vaccinating 3 kids against measles & more!

Person B: Wow, this is really great. What are your pair of socks stand4?

Person A: The drop on the ankle represents clean water . That means that with every purchase a person receives access to clean water for a whole year!


Why is this conversation a good example to start a conversation?

You see how simple it could be to start a conversation with a stranger. And you can be sure that the stranger will find you sympathetic because of 3 reasons:

1. You started the conversation with a nice compliment (who doesnt like that?)

2. You showed self-confidence , a good taste and humour!

3. You also showed that you support charity and good causes



So why are you scared? Try it for the next time and convince yourself
how easy and funny it could be!


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