Do you know someone who checks their horoscope on the daily? Or someone who justifies their mood depending on if mercury is in retrograde? These star sign themed socks are a perfect present for a special occasion or just because you’re feeling generous. 


June 21st- July 22nd is The Season of The Cancer Zodiac

As we transition from the Gemini months to the season of the Cancer, you’ll want to bring out your inner Virgo and make sure you’re organised and prepared for their birthday. 

Although a Cancer may not like to be the centre of attention on their birthday like a Leo does, they are bound to appreciate this thoughtful gift. 

Zodiac Socks

With Stand4 Sock’s range of zodiac sign socks, you can show your horoscope obsessed partner, friend or family member that you are listening when they are describing how all of your personality traits are explained by the time and location you were born. 

The recipient of these socks will love them for more than their comfort or zodiac meaning, as for every pair of socks we sell at Stand 4, we donate a pair of thick, antibacterial socks to a person experiencing homelessness. Meaning your present is worth much more than its material or even sentimental value. 


The Star Signs Align

Perhaps you fancy buying a matching pair for yourself, so you can explain to everyone you meet why your friendship was actually destined by the stars (did you know Aquarius and Gemini are meant to be!)

Perfect Present

The muted grey tones of this sock make it extremely wearable, able to match with everything in your wardrobe and suitable for any occasion. Making the statement subtle and tasteful while those looking closely can recognise the meaning behind your fancy feet. 


So whether these socks are for a friend, family or just as a treat for yourself, wear them loud and proud and allow other zodiac fanatics to judge if they’re going to like you before you even have to speak to them!


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