When it comes to lights off, some of us are lucky enough to drop off the second our heads hit the pillow… but for others it’s not that simple.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, this could be a case of ‘Can’t sleep, Cold feet’. The science behind this is that heating your cold feet leads to vasodilation (dilation of your blood vessels), which may then tell your brain that it is bedtime. After the blood vessels open in the feet, heat is redistributed throughout the body to prepare for sleep.


And just to completely blow your socks off: some research actually proves the relationship between more vasodilation in your feet and a shorter time for you to nod off - 15 minutes to be precise!


Not just 'Another pair of socks'...


Well if you’re someone who struggles to get to sleep, then it’s a good job that we’ve spent over 4 years reverse engineering the perfect pair of socks. Focusing on the small details that others ignore, around comfort, versatility, breathability and durability, we’re confident that if socks are the answer, then Stand4 Socks are what your sleep routine is missing! What’s more - we’ve got 3 material types for you to choose from, all being ethically sourced and ONE FOR ONE.


BUY 1 = GIVE 1

Our One For One promise means that for every pair of socks that our customers buy, we donate a pair to someone in need. You can find out why we believe socks could change the world and how our donation socks differ from those bought here.


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