Christmas shopping can be rough, trying to find the quirkiest and jazzy presents can be exhausting. To save you time and energy, here is the ultimate guide for buying socks for anyone and everyone.

Let’s start with secret Santa, you've got the guy in the office that cycles to work and eats kale and quinoa. It's cool, we got you. Our specially designed sport ankle socks are the way forward. Providing the necessary support, blister protection and sweat collection, these jazzy yet fully function socks are sure to wow!


Now, for your sister. She's allergic to everything so bath bombs and perfume are out the window. How about our natural cotton socks? Creating luxury bliss and a place of refuge for her toes. Using natural cotton fibre means they're super soft and cozy but doesn't irritate the skin. She can wear Stand4 socks every day and not feel a thing.


Mum is a keen recycler and knows that every little helps when it comes to helping the environment. Our bamboo socks would be ideal! Our packaging is fully recyclable and if you opt for a gift box, they can be upcycled into handy storage. Not to mention their naturally antibacterial AND biodegradable.


What about Dad? Everyone knows dads only get new socks when it’s Christmas time so it’s vital that you replace those rotten, hole ridden cloths he calls socks and give him a fresh new pair. All of our socks are made with reinforced heel and toe sections to make sure they'll last much longer than a couple of months.

Just remember, you may be gifting the best pair of socks ever but you're also helping out brilliant causes. Check out the causes you'll be helping here - causes 




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