The completion of a great work suit comes down to the socks paired with it. No matter the quality of the suit, if the socks are not up to par, your outfit is likely to fall flat when they peak out as you sit down. As we begin to return from working at home to the office, whether you prefer colourful, patterned or seemingly plain, your bases are covered at Stand4Socks with a huge range of styles to fit your preference.

The ‘Plain’ Black Sock

The first, and most traditional option would be a pair of plain black socks, the safe choice to match every occasion. Utilise this option when trying to appear more serious.

Although this may seem like the boring solution, it is sometimes what is needed to fit more professional settings where there is no room for novelty.

However, at Stand4 we believe there should always be a hint of colour to your footwear, even if no one else knows it’s there. 

With these socks you can maintain the professional exterior whilst keeping a bit of fun and colour hiding below the shoe line.

Subtly You

The second category of work sock would be those still with muted colours as to adhere to the professional aspect of your work outfit but with a hint of your personality found in the print. 

With socks like these your personality will shine to only those who choose to notice. Rep your home city, your star sign or your love for your furry friend in a way that is professional but will still allow you to express yourself. 

Casual Friday

The final type of sock may be best reserved for more casual events where they can truly shine. This is the bright, bold and perhaps novel sock. If you’re feeling colourful and extravagant, these types of socks may be able to creep into everyday work life to add a pop of colour to an otherwise bland suit. 

However, where you can really go wild with your socks is on casual Friday, anything goes, from swirls to stripes to your favourite celebrity or sport, it is time to express yourself with these socks. 

A true conversation starter, a peep of these from beneath your trouser leg is bound to gain you compliments and approval from your colleagues. 


Whatever sock you choose to compliment your best suit, whether that be plain or extravagant, pull your socks high and make them the centre of your outfit, nothing beats a head-turning sock.


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