Manchester is home to some of the best music and sport ever produced in this country. Not sure what to do when you come to visit? Here are some of the top things to see when you are in Manchester.

Manchester Central Library

The library is a beautiful building inside and out making it a big attraction for fans of classical architecture. Inside there are exhibits that show off the work of local artists or teach you about the city’s history. If you go up to the higher floors and look out of the window you are able to get a good view across the centre of Manchester.

Manchester Town Hall

The hall is one of the most iconic buildings associated with Manchester. With the large clock face and gothic architecture it is often the image associated with the city..Outside the hall, Albert Square is regularly used for events - come at Christmas time and you can see of the UK’s largest Christmas markets.

National Football Museum

This museum is a must for any football fan, capturing the most important moments in football in its exhibits. If you’re not so into football, the Urbis building that the museum is in is still worth seeing. The sleek curved structure makes it one of the most impressive pieces of modern architecture in the city.

Northern Quarter

The Northern Quarter is the creative hub of Manchester with street art on every corner and a large number of music venues with some of the best up and coming indie bands. Not only that but there are all kinds of independent bars, cafes, shops and restaurants for you to go and see. No matter who you are there will be something for you in the Northern Quarter.

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