Who knew wearing your favourite pattern on a pair of bright red socks could make you the best person you can be?

First of all, wearing those socks shows off your boldness and screams to the world just how individual you are. You can strut your stuff into that job interview, serious meeting, or even your wedding being dressed impress. You may be in a black suit looking all serious but that hint of fun in your socks just makes everyone around you not only notice you, but remember you. 

The courage it takes to step out in those bright multi-coloured unconventional socks is greater than you can imagine. Even Harvard business school researched the sock trend and found that by wearing snazzy socks, you feel more confident and therefore are perceived as a well-rounded individual who is a definite success.

Really, the socks are not the be all and end all, and you still have to work your butt off for everything you want to achieve. And the socks are not lucky either so you can’t rely on that factor, but if confidence makes you a more defined and driven person then wear those sailor socks to your job interview, your confidence will shine through.

Bright is the new black, and live whilst you can. Going against the grain is a great way to be who you need to be. Your socks may only be socks to them, but to you? They’re your identity.  



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