100,000 pairs of socks with an impact

Socks are very versatile.. You can buy black and white socks, colourful socks, ankle socks or knee-high socks but did you know that you could also do really crazy things with socks? What would you do if you had 100,000 pairs of colourful socks with different patterns? Here are 4 funny suggestions what to do with 100,000 pairs of colourful socks. 

1) Never get cold with 1,000 pairs of socks

An icy winter has arrived and there is no way to warm up. Even the fireplace doesn’t have the desired effect? If you had 100,000 pair of our extra warm socks we guarantee you that you won’t be cold anymore. When you go skiing next holiday you should definitely try it!

2) You will never get lost again

Do you like the two cities of Liverpool and Chester? Did you know that you could almost connect these cities with a line of 100,000 pairs of socks? Very beneficial when you are planning to visit Chester when at the same time staying in Liverpool. You’ll always find the way back.  

3) Set a new world record with socks


Have you ever dreamt about setting a new world record?


Well with 100,000 pairs of socks you will achieve an entry in the Guinness Book of Records! You only need to participate in the competition and build the longest line of socks.

The latest record was set by the people of Hannover in Germany who produced a line made of 36,000 socks on a length of 3.5 kilometres. With 100,000 pairs of sock you could create a sock-rope expanding about 19.44 kilometers and crush that old record which would be quite impressive.

4) Always land softly during falls in your football match & avoid injuries

Did you also know that with 100,000 pairs of socks you can cover a surface of 1,560 square metres? 100,000 pairs of socks can therefore cover a large surface of a football field, good if you want to help prevent yourself from injury. But be careful that you can still see the ball on this big surface of different colours and patterns!

5) Cover the feet of 100,000 homeless people

However, all things considered, with 100,000 pairs of socks we could cover the feet of 100,000 homeless people in the world. Avoiding foot issues like blisters, injuries or cold feet that increase the risk of colds, our socks have a positive impact on health and could change the world.


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