You should have at least one lonely sock hanging out in the drawer, especially as 676 million socks are lost in the UK every year. Why not reuse the poor chap and turn him into a funky new gadget? 

You could, stretch the orphaned sock over a dry mop and have a new jazzy mop head which keeps your floors sparkling clean, collecting even the smallest of crumbs.

Or, you could, make scented laundry balls. Instead of wasting your money on anti-run cloths or dryer sheets, use an old sock. The best part about it? It’s free! Socks are super absorbent, so by rolling your lone sock in a ball and chucking it in the washing machine, it’s sure to absorb any running colours that may occur. Or even add some scented oils and add it to the tumble dryer, making your laundry smell delicious and soaking up any extra water that may be lingering. Or even reuse these balls again, making them into the most bespoke moth balls in the world. Between 4-6 balls should do the job.

Eager runner? Trim your sock down the just the elastic band top and slide it up your arm for a one of a kind phone holder. With it only being a short distance from your head, there’s certainly enough movement for you to plug in your headphones. You could even trim a further down the sock to you can hook over the excess material into the elastic and create a makeshift pocket for keys or tissues. If the running doesn’t work out so well, you can always use this new invention as a tight bandage for a sprain.

Sore joints from all that searching for the other socks? Use your lonely socks as heated pain relief. Fill it with dry rice, any kind, add some essential oils and microwave for approx. 2 mins for a relaxing temperature. This is sure to calm any swelling or joint pain you’re experiencing. 

With having multiple unmatched socks, you could make some very cool plant pot covers. If your desk is beige, and your computer is black, and everything surrounding you is clinical and so office, why not get some small indoor plants and slide the pots into your bright, colourful and unused socks. Creating colour to brighten your day.


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