The world of promotional products can be a boring one. A plain blue branded notebook is unlikely to capture the imagination of potential customers and will definitely not set you apart from the competition. Here at Stand4 Socks we don’t do boring. If you want to stand out, a bold pair of socks is the answer. 

Don’t believe us? Here’s why we’re right...


Everybody needs socks

No matter who the potential customer is, they are probably wearing socks today and will almost definitely be wearing a pair tomorrow (and the day after that too). Why not provide a pair of socks that will not only spice up their sock collection, but will show off your great brand too.


Make a lasting impression

Providing branded cupcakes is an attractive idea. Everybody loves cupcakes. But as soon as they are gone your brand has gone too. Putting a branded design on a pair of socks will stick around. Socks are one of the first things you put on each morning and taking them off is one of the last things you do each night. Proving a high quality pair of socks with your brand means your company will be in their mind (and on the feet) every time those special socks are worn.


The quality of the product reflects your brand

If your company provides a cheap branded usb that breaks within a week, the customer is not going to think highly of the brand. But what if instead you provided a pair of comfortable and stylish socks. The warm fuzzy feeling someone gets wearing their favourite pair of socks will become the same warm fuzzy feeling they have about your brand.

Socks are fun

As we started by saying, most corporate goodies are pretty boring. Getting a pen with a small logo slapped on the side will not be very memorable. A pair of eye-catching, custom designed socks will bring your brand to life in a way that no stationary will be able to achieve.

With Stand4 Socks you’re not only getting a pair of bright and brilliant socks, but for every pair that we sell we donate one pair to homeless shelters around the UK.


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