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Many socks don’t last a long time. This is because we wear them hard on our feet - unless you walk around on your hands! Some socks can get holes after only one month. Sock longevity depends on the material the sock is made of or how the socks are cared for when being washed as well, as on the thickness of the sock.

We at Stand4 Socks know this problem very well and can understand how annoying always finding holes in your socks would be. It doesn’t look good, your feet get cold or develop blisters and if you need to buy new socks nearly every month, it can also become very costly.

Bold Stripe Twisted Cotton Sock

Optical Illusion Blue Cotton Sock

We asked ourselves how socks could change the world? At first, we invested years of research into creating a very durable sock to overcome this age old problem of socks getting holes.

By looking at where socks get the most friction and therefore wear out faster, we were able to create a new style of socks which are stronger and more hard-wearing than others.

Stand4's unique Sock Tech

So why do socks always get holes?

The reason is that normal socks don’t have seamless toe closure or reinforced heel and toe. Stand4 Socks only offers these to make our socks durable, thick, warm and comfortable.

The most vulnerable parts of socks are on toes and heels as there is the strongest friction from walking or running daily. Wearing socks without shoes makes the risk of getting holes even higher.

Our seamless toe closure reduces the friction and the reinforced heel and toe construction makes the socks thicker and more tear-resistant.

Tests have shown that our socks typically last 3x longer than the average sock - sock on!


Homeless Socks

After all this, we then thought about the people who really need thick, warm and durable socks but for various reasons don't get them.

Above are the reasons why we created the perfect sock - for our customers but also for the homeless people that we donate them to. Socks are rarely donated to homeless people, far less   than food, shelter or money is. However, people living on the streets are walking far more than the average person in a day and have less chance to change or wash their socks.

Our research led to us creating a sock which can be worn for weeks without washing, which is durable and hard-wearing.

People often wonder if we give the same socks that we sell, and we don't for the reason fashion socks mostly aren't suitable. These socks are antibacterial and darker in colour. With Stand4 Socks, you can stand out with our range of bold and colourful socks, whilst you also Stand4 this important issue.


We do this across all of our socks, regardless if they are bamboo, cotton, sports or kids socks. Check out the full range here.

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  • Christina Stokes: July 14, 2020
    Author image

    I would love to try a pair of your socks .I have an 11yr old son that has adhd/ add and he runs through the house alot to calm himself down and relax..with school being out I go through a pair of socks one pair every two days with holes that I have to throw away I’m a single mom and can’t afford to keep on buying more socks…I got to the point as to him playing through the house barefooted ..with a handful of socks ..I just started back work …so my first check is going to bye socks and cleaning supply’s because of cov-19 life is upside down . My son is awesome because he don’t ask for much…socks makes him happy !!!

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