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Stand4 Socks sells colourful socks with bold patterns that let you stand out. Our socks are very durable because of their special sock tech. Besides, our socks are made of bamboo & cotton to make them extra soft, antibacterial & natural.
Our socks have ethical impacts. There are many places in the World where people suffer from hunger, war, illness, homelessness or inequality. We fight against it by co-operating with charity organisations that follow the UN Global Goals & our socks are linked to them. The sock’s impact is represented by an emblem on the ankle.
Many people are still in need on the World. We think it is time to do something against it. With every purchase you do you will help one homeless person in the UK, a child to receive education or a family to have access to clean water.
We want our socks to stand out for the right reasons, not wrong. Therefore responsible manufacture is extremely important to us. We spent over a year finding the right manufacturer who shared both our vision and high values. Producing quality socks, uniquely designed socks shouldn't cost the planet and humans rights. Simple.
No one likes holes in their socks. The heel and toe of the sock gets the most wear. Therefore we reinforce Stand4s heels and toes with double material to make them more durable than a standard sock.
Our socks are one of the clothing items we wear the hardest, yet when it comes to comfort it is often given little attention. We got rid of that annoying ridge on top of the toes, to create a more durable, seamless finish!
We are a social enterprise, a business
for good and more than just profit. With each pair having a tangible impact and ethical supply chain.
Proud member of Social Enterprise UK
Stand4 was awarded bronze as Great British Social Enterprise of 2015 and shortlisted for Great British Creative Entrepreneur of 2016. Having previously won the David Pearl Pitch Prize & finalists for CVC Young Innovator 2016.
“Finally a relevant buy one, give one
model with multiple causes!”
“The perfect gift for someone who has
it all, they are useful, fun and purposeful
all in one. Also love the packaging!”
“Amazing, time to level up my
sock draw to Stand4s’"
“Picking out socks each day
just became so meaningful’\"

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