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Our Manchester and Black cushioned sole No Show socks are carefully crafted to stay hidden and provide the most comfortable support for your feet. Non-slip silicone grips on the heel keep them in place all day and a unique twisted cotton blend adds durability and versatility.


These Bristol no-show twisted cotton socks will keep your feet warm, and someone else's. With each pair sold, we personally give a specially made pair of thick, antibacterial socks to a homeless person. Did you know that socks are one of the most requested items at homeless shelters? That's why we got our manufacturer to make the most suitable sock for us to give away.


Twisted Cotton
Our twisted cotton socks are thick and warm, making your feet feel comfortable. Created by twisting two cotton strands together, it represents a great advancement in material for making more durable, hard-wearing socks. We also use yarns with different colours in order to get a "mixed colour effect". The socks still maintain our signature features such as seamless toe closure, or reinforced heel & toe parts. The new improved versions also benefit from an additional support across the arch of your feet.  The stitched cause logo on the ankle (displayed above) shows what cause your new socks have supported and Stand4 across the toes.


About the socks we give to homeless people

We researched this extensively, working closely with the community we want to support. The socks need to be hard wearing, as homeless people typically don't have the luxury of fresh socks each day. That's why we made them black & grey to show less wear, used thick full terry cotton for the warm and last, soaked them in antibacterial so they don't need to be changed as often. Then last but not least, reinforced heel & toe parts for better comfort and durability. 






  Comfit Arch

  Twiston Cotton

      Tab Support



78% Combed Twisted cotton, 20% Polyamide, 3% Elastane

Our Pledge - For every pair of socks we sell, we donate a pair to someone in need. Always.

Why Homeless?
Socks are one of the most requested items by homeless shelters. Socks?! As a wear through item they are rarely donated, unlike money, coffee or old coats we wouldn’t donate our old holey socks. Yet if you’re homeless you tend to walk more than the average person, and without the luxury of fresh socks, this can lead to a number of very serious foot health issues - our purpose built donation socks will help towards avoiding these problems.

Wash your Stand4's on a 40°C wash. Never tumble dry your socks.

Buy One = Give One

For every pair of socks you purchase, a thick antibacterial pair of socks are donated to a homeless person on your behalf.