So you’re new to the office and it comes to that dreaded time of year, the Christmas Party and Secret Santa! It comes to your turn to pick your Secret Santa out of the bowl and its happened, you’ve drawn your boss! Now they’re pretty straight laced and you panic as you don’t want to make the awful mistake of buying something you think is funny which he thinks is naff and crass.  

So what do you do, you think of the least funny, most boring and practical present you could buy that won’t cause offence and will toe the line – socks. Nowadays there is such a stigma about buying people socks, they’re regarded as a bland and boring present. Socks are humiliated in Christmas adverts depicted as the present that ‘nobody wants’ in their dark and boring colours. But, if you take that bland and boring product, give it a splash of colour and a dash of charity you create something different.



Don’t give boring socks this Christmas. Give someone a pair of Stand4 Socks.

These socks are high quality, beautifully patterned and fun, they will brighten not just your outfit but also your day. Not only are they funky colours and patterns but they also have a charitable message, for every sock you buy you give a tangible benefit to one of the eight charities Stand4 has partnered with. So this year, instead of panicking about what to give your boss for Christmas, fight the stigma of socks and give them a pair of Stand4 socks, not only are you giving their Christmas some colour but you’re also giving to charity on their behalf (which always looks good, especially if you are hoping for that promotion).

*Please note however that Stand4 socks however cannot protect you from drinking too much mulled wine and embarrassing yourself at the Christmas Party!