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sock tech

engineered comfort

Socks haven't changed in years. From boring design, poor quality and no consideration to comfort.

We thought we would do something about this, taking the time to care about the little things. On average we wear socks for 16 hours a day. Therefore pulling on a pair of Stand4's not only supports a great cause, but also your own foot comfort, no matter your day.

The sock that does good

People wonder if we give the same socks that we sell, and we don't for the reason fashion socks mostly aren't suitable. Working closely with our partners, we mastered a sock specifically made for people we support.

This includes durable but versatile, antibacterial socks that don't need to be washed as often, and reinforced seams and darker colours give them longer lifespan and less visible wear.

quality guaranteed

created to last

Stand4s have enhanced durability; whether you prefer fashion, work or atheltic socks - no one likes a hole.

Our socks utilise innovative textile properties for a variety of purposes. We have super-soft and breathable bamboo ranges to the thicker twisted cotton yarn thread. Giving a double meaning to purpose-lead socks.