Nowadays, there are still people who suffer from danger, hunger, war and fear every single day. People die because they can't receive the emergency surgery they need. The number of mother's and new born baby's who die after birth is still unacceptable high. They would need antenatal checkups and vaccinations to survive. Lots of women still suffer from inequality, discrimination and violence. Many Families don't have access to safe water or sanitation. Children can't to go to school to realise their potential.

There are still many regions in the World where these situations are a daily occurrence. Nowadays, we do have the opportunity to fight these problems, they wouldn't need to be faced anymore. That's the reason why Stand4 Socks created Socks which have an ethical impact. What if Socks could change the World?

Each of our socks is supporting a different cause, this is represented by the emblem on the ankle showing what they Stand4. No longer just another pair of socks!