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Socks: The New branded Pens?

Branded pens have long been a staple, but realistically more of a novelty. We explore why Socks are an item we actually need, so why not replace the pens with socks?

Everyone has a pen draw at home, filled with plastic pens with logos from various companies. These pens are usually given away for free at events or as part of a promotion and are used for a short period of time before being discarded. After all, once it runs out quickly, or falls to the bottom of a bag, you're unlikely to see it again. On the other hand, socks are an essential item that we all need, yet they often go unnoticed and unbranded.

However, socks are proving to be the new pens in terms of marketing and brand engagement. Here are a few reasons why:

Socks - the new pens?

Increased Usefulness:

Socks are worn daily, making them a much more practical item compared to pens, which are only used occasionally and when needed. This increased usage results in longer periods of brand exposure and more opportunities for the recipient to engage with the brand, as they continue to be reminded of it when choosing, putting on and wearing the item throughout a day.


Better ROI:

Although socks may be a more expensive item to produce and distribute compared to pens, they have a higher return on investment due to their longer lifespan and daily usage. Brands can expect a much better return on investment from branded socks compared to pens.


Increased Value:

Socks are a personal item and often considered a necessity. This increased perceived value results in higher customer satisfaction compared to pens, which are considered disposable.



"A brand is a voice and a product is a souvenir."

- Lisa Gansky

Socks are proving to be the new pens in terms of brand engagement and marketing. Increased value, a better return on investment and longer periods of exposure from distributing branded socks compared to pens. We think it's time for brands to consider switching from pens to socks.


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