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Monthly unique socks with impact - Buy one = Give one

Every month a pair is donated to someone who is homeless for every pair sold. Socks are one of the most requested items by homeless shelters. Your subscription not only puts fresh socks on your feet but also on the feet of someone else in need. SockOn! 

Why Stand4 Socks?

> Brand new, quality and unique socks through your letter box every month. 

> No more searching shops for new socks, or matching up odd ones!

> Support the homeless community, simply through your socks every month.

> All socks feature advanced unique arch support and seamless toe closure.

> Ethically made & sourced, delivered in sustainable packaging.

> No obligation. Cancel your subscription online anytime.

Types of Membership

We currently have three types of sock subscription to pick from! 

1. Surprise pair every month!

Receive a surprise pair of socks every month, and have another pair donated to the homeless each month. Early access to limited editions, 

From £11.99 including UK shipping

Pre pay or cancel anytime!

Monthly Sock Surprise

2. Pick your sock each month

Choose from a selection of 6 curated designs each month to match your mood. Colourful, plain, combo, ankle or even limited edition? 

From £11.99 including UK shipping

You pick online each month with our easy selector!

Monthly Sock Selection

3. Sock Gift Subscription!

The gift that keeps giving. Pre-pay for a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription. Simply pick a length and tell us where to send surprise pairs to!

From £34.99 including UK shipping

Father's Day, Birthday or just to treat yourself! 

Pre-Paid Gift Subscription

Why socks for homeless?

Socks are the most requested items at homeless shelters.

As a wear through item, socks are rarely donated unlike money, coffee, or old coats. You wouldn't donate your old hole-ridden socks, would you?

However, if you're homeless you tend to walk more than the average person, (up to 10 miles a day!) without the luxury of fresh clean socks every day, this can lead to a number of very serious foot health issues. All from something as simple to many of us as socks. 

The socks we donate are specially engineered for the homeless community:

> They are antibacterial, meaning they can be washed less often. 

> Thick, but versatile to take hard wear but stay breathable. 

> Seamless toe closure to avoid rubs and irritation.


Get ready for a stocked up drawer of new, colourful socks with bold designs. Delivered conveniently through your letterbox, this is the easiest way to do your sock shop.

We currently have two different subscription options for your to choose from. If you to want to choose your design each month then go for option 1. Alternatively, if you want to receive a surprise style (perfect for that special gift), choose option 2. 

As a subscription member, you will have access to designs we have available on our website and also early access and exclusive access to some of our limited editions!

You can easily change and manage your details on your customer account page so this isn't an issue - sock on!

We currently have two subscription options available. With option 1, you will receive a random pair each month. With option 2, you pick the exact pair of socks you want to receive each month. Therefore, if you would like to choose which sock to rock, definitely go for option 2! 

Definitely! We have designed all options to be gifted easily, who doesn't need a years supply of socks!  All you have to do is sign up to the subscription and select how many months you would like the lucky recipient to receive socks for. They will then receive a surprise pair through their letterbox each month - simple!

All of our socks will be delivered at the start of of the month so that you have a fresh new pair to kick start your month.If you want to pause, skip or send to another address  you can simply do this in your customer portal 

Can you ever have too many socks!? We don't think so, but if you do want to pause or cancel your subscription at any time, you can do it by logging into your member's account. No hidden charges or complexity! 

We have a network of homeless supporting organisations across the country. As homelessness is a complex issue across society, we support a organisations of all shapes and sizes from shelters, community groups, pop up kitchens and individuals.

If you know an organsaition in need of support please tell them to reach out to 

Due to the way the direct debits work, to switch from one subscription type to the other you would need to cancel one and sign up to other - or contact the team to do this. Unfortuently currently we cannot do this automatically online. However rest of your subscriptions you can manage easily online.